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    Matplast is a company founded in 1998 in response to the dynamic development of the window industry. It specializes in...
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RekinySukcesu also offers website management services to companies that need one-time or cyclical changes made to their websites. Effectively manage websites.

Website management also offers website management services to companies that need one-time or cyclical changes made to their websites.

For smaller jobs, we may even be able to offer same-day turnover. By smaller jobs we mean addition of short articles, graphics, updates, and movement of individual page elements. Things like creation of new tabs and functions, or RWD of an entire site, are first planned graphically, and then implemented after acceptance by the client.

We can do much more than simply copy and paste. Before we begin updating a website, we propose conducting a site audit. This will help us offer better counsel on how to make it more functional and attractive. An appropriately designed and optimized website (i.e. with respect to page load time, code compression, images, compliance with search engine guidelines, etc.) will better serve the end client.

Website management Wrocław

We effectively manage websites

wordpress, joomla

We work with CMSs

Wordpress, Joomla, Presta Shop, Drupal

daily updates

We are always available

We make updates daily

backup copies


We make backup copies

websites tests Wrocław


We test websites after changes have been implemented



We adapt pages to mobile devices



We can meet a wide range of graphic needs

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Effectiveness is what matters most in online business, and the sharks know how to get it using both red and blue ocean marketing strategies.

Over 100 satisfied clients, over 300 people trained, and we still haven't had enough. Users have been surfing websites built by us for over 9 years, so we know what customers want. No compromises. That's why it's worth clicking one of the buttons below.


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