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We take special care to professionally optimize all of our websites for search engines. We do this by working closely with clients during the creation process.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

When running an online business, it is important to make sure that your website is visible to customers in search results. Your website should appear in the top 10 Google search results when using keywords. Do your business a favor, and let the Sharks handle it!

We take special care to professionally optimize all of our websites for search engines. We do this by working closely with clients during the creation process. We also do SEO audits.

We are supporters of White Hat SEO. What does that mean? It means that we operate in accordance with search engine guidelines, and focus on inbound and content marketing, i.e. valuable content, and constantly optimizing and updating pages. Doing things this way takes a little longer than when using illegal practices, but the effect is longer-lasting and safer. Using illegal practices can quickly lead to your page being blocked by search engines.

Among ethical optimization methods are code optimization, natural linking, accelerated page loading, responsiveness, proper header structures, and proper compression.

Marketing agency Wrocław

Why optimize with us?

SEO Panel

SEO Panel

We use advanced tools

Flexible agreement

Flexible agreement

We charge only for real results



We generate monthly reports

Optimization of activity

Optimization of activity

We analyze statistics and web traffic

SEO audits

SEO audits

We conduct SEO audits

We are consistent

We are consistent

We only optimize websites that we build

How does optimization work?

Marketing agency Wrocław

Optimization is about raising the reputation of your site in Google search. A high position cannot be earned overnight. In fact, it takes months. Clear effects of optimization can be expected after around 3-6 months of cooperation.

After receiving a list of key phrases from a client, we make an initial selection. Then, through constant analysis of statistics and site traffic, we recommend any potential improvements or adjustment for better optimization.

We generate monthly reports to provide our clients with a clear picture of how the position of their site is changing, and what exactly they are paying for. We only charge for real results, so if something doesn't work out, the client will not have to pay for optimization.

We are effective!

Type "agencja marketingowa Wrocław" into Google and you will find us in the top 10 search results. Despite the fact that we are not the biggest, we are professional and motivated. If we can get our own site at the top, we can do the same to yours!

We are a thousand sites above of the competition!

Interactive agency Wrocław

We are developing!

SEO Wrocław

On our company blog, we write articles on topics such as positioning and SEO, including microdata operations. This standard involves indexation of websites by robots, which is why sites with implemented microdata are easier to find on the Internet. More information on microdata can be found at:

Some time ago, Google introduced a new function to aid the organic positioning of websites: Direct Answers. For more information, read the article below:

Knowledge is power, and power is money. Or, more simply, knowledge is money. And by knowledge, we mean not only knowledge of how to search quickly and efficiently, but an awareness of what others are searching for. So how do we search the Internet? For more information, click the link below:

Effective action on the Internet

Feel like a shark in the water!

Effectiveness is what matters most in online business, and the sharks know how to get it using both red and blue ocean marketing strategies.

Over 100 satisfied clients, over 300 people trained, and we still haven't had enough. Users have been surfing websites built by us for over 9 years, so we know what customers want. No compromises. That's why it's worth clicking one of the buttons below.


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