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On - and offline marketing campaigns

Creation of advertising campaigns is a comprehensive service combining on - and offline advertising techniques. They are targeted towards specific audiences and aim to influence consumer behavior. Our advertising campaigns consist in integrated and coordinated advertising to customers via multiple channels.

Why combine several channels at once? Because basing a marketing strategy on only one channel rarely brings the desired effect. The key to success is testing several solutions at once. For example, online marketing may cost less, yet because it is becoming more and more effective, it is a great way to supplement a traditional offline campaign.

The aim of our marketing agency is to help our clients communicate better with their market surroundings. That's why it is so important at the beginning of the process to diagnose client needs and goals (e.g. increased sales, rebranding, introduction of a new product or service, etc.), identify the market, and pinpoint consumer motivations.

marketing campaigns

The 5M marketing model











What is the 5M marketing model?


1 Mission:

  • Sales targets
  • Advertising targets

2 Money (how much should be spent?); what factors should be taken into account:

  • Stage of product life cycle
  • Market share and client base
  • Competition and advertising clutter
  • Product substitutability

3 Message:

  • Formulate several variations of a message
  • Evaluate them and choose the best
  • Spread the message
  • Analyze the message in terms of social responsibility

4 Media (what media should be used?):

  • Reach, frequency, influence
  • Main media types
  • Specific advertising mediums
  • Time distribution of campaign stages
  • Allocation by geography (e.g. local press and television)

5 Measurement (gauging whether an advertisement has met its goals):

  • Efficacy test
  • Measuring conversion
  • Case Studies

Effective action on the Internet

Feel like a shark in the water!

Effectiveness is what matters most in online business, and the sharks know how to get it using both red and blue ocean marketing strategies.

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