An ocean of ideas?

Let us get your business
sailing on the Internet!


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An ocean of ideas?

Let us get your business sailing on the Internet!

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  • Matplast

    Matplast is a company founded in 1998 in response to the dynamic development of the window industry. It specializes in...
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350 + successful projects
12 creative sharks
750 + persons trained
9 years of experience

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Deadly film

Watch it.
At least for the sweet little dog.

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We know about

Adwords Campaigns

Text advertisements, display advertisements, remarketing, cross selling - whatever your needs, Adwords is a powerful tool we sharks can use to your business advantage.

Web Analytics

A website without Google Analytics is like a ship without a sail. We will help you find out exactly who your clients are and what they need.

SEO/SEM Internet Marketing

Your website should appear in the top 10 Google search results when using certain keywords. Do your business a favor, and let the sharks handle it!


Marketing agency Wroclaw - website Wroclaw

The main focus of interactive agency is helping our clients get the most out of their websites. The effectiveness of a website depends not only on the way it looks, but also on selection of the right target audience, its usability, performance of a SWOT analysis using statistics, and the flexibility of optimization changes. After many years of being on the market, we take pride in sharing the knowledge and experience we have gained with our clients, both through website creation training, and creative marketing.

Today, the main domain of marketing is the Internet; yet we mustn't forget that offline marketing still has its place. is also a marketing agency offering a full range of outsource marketing for small and medium-sized companies - from creating strategies and identifying channels of customer acquisition, to visual identification, photos, films, and DTP.

We mainly serve clients in the cities where our headquarters are located, namely Klodzko and Wroclaw. However, our mobility allows us to work successfully with clients from all over Poland, the European Union, and even other continents.