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    Matplast is a company founded in 1998 in response to the dynamic development of the window industry. It specializes in...
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We specialize in online and offline marketing, we offer a wide range of other services: website and webstore creation, SEO, promotion via social networking sites.

We are an effective Marketing Agency

While we specialize in online and offline marketing, we offer a wide range of other services, including: website and webstore creation; search engine optimization; promotion via social networking sites; and preparation of marketing and website creation training for businesses.

We operate throughout Poland, mainly in Lower Silesia in cities such as Kłodzko, Polanica Zdrój, Kudowa Zdrój, and Wrocław. But of course, we are happy to cooperate with any client from Europe or globally.

Best marketing agency Wrocław

Rekiny Sukcesu is an unconventional company.
We like what we do, are we're good at it.

Contact us and see for yourself!

Out statistics

12 creative employees
350 + successful projects
8 projects per month
2 offices
1 year - the length of our longest project
1 day - the length of our shortest project
1 company pet (yes, we have a little mascot)
9 years of experience
20 jokes told every day
750+ persons trained
50 burgers eaten every month
1700 hours worked every month

You won't regret choosing us!

We make user-friendly websites


We make intuitive and user-friendly websites

Comprehensive Assistance

Comprehensive Assistance

We provide our clients with comprehensive assistance in operating our websites

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Our websites occupy a high position in Google search results

Effective AdWords campaigns


We build effective AdWords campaigns

We advise

Good Advice

We advise our clients through every step of the process

We answer the phone


We are always available, and we answer the phone when our clients call us

Rapid Response

Rapid Response

We respond to any questions within minutes

Always in Touch

Always in Touch

We are in constant contact with our clients

Always on Time

Always on Time

We do what we say we are going to do, and punctually

Effective action on the Internet

Feel like a shark in the water!

Effectiveness is what matters most in online business, and the sharks know how to get it using both red and blue ocean marketing strategies.

Over 100 satisfied clients, over 300 people trained, and we still haven't had enough. Users have been surfing websites built by us for over 9 years, so we know what customers want. No compromises. That's why it's worth clicking one of the buttons below.


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